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This was the last year that we cruised the Caribbean as Tundra was sold May 2017. She now has a new owner and has been renamed her "ODEN"

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Jan 24 2013

After an uneventful flight we arrived in Guatemala City with all bags present and accounted for. Below are a day and night photo of the newly constructed office building as seen from our Balcony at Las Torres.


Day Virw
            of new office building as seen from Hotel Las Torres


            view of same office building as seen from Hotel Las Torres




A pretty
            flower shop on La Forma a street in Zone 10A flower shop as it appears on La Forma that is a major street bordering Zone 10 in Guatemala City









After a two night stay at Las Torres we enjoyed a pleasant bus ride into the Rio Dulce. The bus air conditioner even worked! This is  something we appreciated as we descended the mountains into the heat of the lower altitudes. Aden Reymond the driver from Ram picked us up and chauffeured us about to distribute our bags A one night stay at Bruno’s proved to be a rip off so we moved to Vista Rio where we plan a week stay as we prepare Tundra for the water. The work begins.





By Feb 4 2013 Tundra’s bottom had been paintKathy works on the
              bottom of Tundra at Ram Marina Guatemalaed, new thru hull transducer replaced the old one , installed two new cabin lights, the interior cleaned of mill dew and the completion of many other small tasks. At the right you see Kathy hard at work.


















We stand on the bridge
              that croasses the Rio Dulce River at the town of Rio
              DulceDuring our workdays we were at Ram Marina on the hard and stayed at Vista del Rio for two weeks. Vista del Rio is basically a small marina and backpackers hotel that was located on the other side of the bridge from Ram’s. We were hosted by J&J, the managers of the marina who operated an excellent restaurant as well.












This involved several scenic walks across the bridge and a few Tuck Tuck rides as well.





View looking west from
              the top of the bridge that crosses the Rio Dulce






















View looking east
                  from the top of the bridge crossing the Rio



Above are views from the Bridge that crosses the Rio Dulce at the town of Rio Dulce in Guatemala. First looking west then east.


Thursday Feb 7 2013 we received the sad news that Kathy’s 103 year old father had passed away. We had visited him over the Christmas holidays and knew that he was failing. A memorial service will be held in early May.


We made the decision to have our main anchor and 275 ft. of chain galvanized. This we haven’t had done since our stay in Venezuela a few years ago. This was to be completed in one week but took two weeks. Not bad for Guatemala J


A shallow draft
                cruise ship specially designed for river travel takes on

We launched Sat Feb 9th and remained at the Ram dock till our anchor and chain arrived. During this time we completed the installation of our seven opening ports as well as a new fridge timer to replace our dysfunctional fridge thermostat.












Below you can see us at work.



Brian peeks out port
                hole on Tundra as he works on the replacement



Kathy helps with the
                loading of the newly galvanized chain for Tundra



   Below we transport the tank to Ram to be received by Dennis the welder.


Here we are transporting
              our tank to Ram marine to be picked up by DennisWe left the Ram Dock Feb 16th for Marios Marina. It wasn’t long until we discovered our main diesel tank was seeping diesel. Immediately we pumped out about 25 gallons of diesel and commissioned Dennis to build us a new stainless tank replacing our 35 year old aluminum one. In order to get the old tank thru the companionway we had to cut apart the tank. Thanks to sailor friend Bernard. this was accomplished with his skill saw. Aluminum chips flew everywhere. So here we are Feb 25th waiting for the arrival of our new tank. After it’s installation we will head for Belize. 











Kathy hands over our
              leaky tank to Dennis the welder


To the left Kathy hands over our leaky tank to Dennis at Ram.












Unfortunately today was the day to do the speed bump at high tide. If we don’t make it this week it will be another two weeks before we have sufficient tide.


Here it is March 7 and we are still waiting for our fuel tank. It is supposed to arrive Friday then we are off to Belize.

March 9 2013 Tank arrived and with the help of Bernard and his mini Grinder we managed to install it and refill with diesel.

          with her new fuel tank instalation

Tundra's installed new fuel tank shown on the left

 Monday March 11th we are off to the former Texan Bay recently renamed Burnt Key Marina. Here with in company with Scrammin we enjoyed the week in spite of the rainy weather. Friday we checked out at Livingston and crossed the bar on Saturday and entered Belize. Checked in at Placentia on Monday and are planning on visiting the nearby Cays this week as the weather looks favourable.     Unfortunately we have lost the frequency readout on our SSB radio so doing daily position reports we are not able to do as well as Winlink email. Today is March 26th and below are the Cays we visited after leaving Placentia along with their Lat. Longs. If you wish you can view them on Google Earth. The positions are near Tundra’s Anchor positions. Today we are in Placentia for a few days to provision and connect with the internet.         March 19thwe anchor off South Long Cocoa Cay  N  16deg 29.71/W 088deg 12.73 as viewed below on our approach looking at the south end. The anchorage here turned out to be not one of our favourites.

A View of the the south end of South Long Cocoa Cay



 We moved 2013
March 20th   to the Queen Cays that noted for whale sharks . Here  we anchored for a snorkel. Not long in the water we were politely told by a Park Warden that we required a guide to be there. 

Shown here is one of the small cays of the Queen Cays

Brian mans
          the anchor in the Queen Cays of Belize

Above we anchor in the Queen Cays
     Disappointed, we lifted our anchor and moved the short distance to Hatchet Cay  N 16deg 27.85/088deg 04.12. Here we took a mooring and as instructed by the Park Warden, we called Channel 11 to acquire a guide for the next day. We had no response so frustrated we decided to move on next day.

 March 21st  we arrive North Long Cocoa Cay N 16deg 33.74/W 088deg 06.29.Here we discover excellent snorkeling and with clear water as shown below as we peered into it from our deck.

Peering into the water from our deck at North
        Long Cocoa Cay Belize

 Impending poor weather impelled us to move to the more protected anchorage at
Rendezvous Cay N 16deg 33.15/ W 088 06.186 as seen below from a distance.

Rendezvous Cay in Belize as seen from a distance

We returned to Placentia N 16deg 30/W 088deg 21 on March 24th to replenish our stores.


  On the 30th of March 2013 we set off again for North Long Cocoa Cay where we spent another pleasant day snorkeling the reefs surrounding the cay. The evening saw us ashore with other cruisers enjoying a fish barbecue with fellow cruisers in the anchorage.

Ashore at North Long
              Cocoa for a fish barbecue

On the left and below photos show we enjoy a fish barbecue on the beach with fellow cruisers

Ashore at
              North Long Cocoa the gang at a fish barbecueOnshore at
              North Long Cocoa the girls pose with their Yoga Mats

A view from our
              anchorage of Buttonwood CayNext day we had a pleasant sail to nearby Buttonwood Cay where we explored the water both below and on the surface.

With a weather report suggesting a front approaching we headed for the protection

of Sapodilla Lagoon. Here we joined several other yachts that had the same thought in mind. A sun downer evening in the spacious cockpit of the powerboat "CABARET "  the crews of the anchored boats in the lagoon were hosted by John and  Susy. John and Luci off the sailboat Stone Age joined us as well. John and Luci are the managers of the nearly completed Sanctuary Village Marina. Another day was spent exploring the Lagoon and the progress of the amazing development of Sanctuary Village itself.


Sundowners on the
                Power Boat Cabaret in Sapodilla Lagoon

              Cruisers that toured Maria Sharps canning facility pose
              for a photo

The weather front fizzled before reaching as far south as we were so April 4th we headed back to Placentia in order to check out of Belize and make our way back to the Rio Dulce. We joined other cruisers and rented a van and visited the famous Belizean spice and jam canning factory “ Marie Sharp”  After this interesting tour we had lunch in nearby Dandriga where we did our departure checkout for Guatemala.


A day sail to New Haven for overnight then next day we moved on to Tres Punta staged for crossing the bar into the Rio Dulce. Mid-morning April 15th we went over the bump and proceeded to Livingston to do our check in to Guatemala with the help of our faithful agent Rual.


A few days saw us at Burnt Point bay formally known as Texan Bay where the preparations for haulout began. From April 17th till April 24th we resided at Marios for more haulout preparation.


On April 25th we hauled at Ram and departed for Guat. City to stay an extra day for decompression and shopping. May 1st we returned to Canada knowing Tundra would be well cared for the next several months. Our planned return to the Rio was for early 2014.

                         YEAR 2014 TUNDRA TRAVELS AGAIN

 JAN 15 2014

We arrived as scheduled to Guatemala City early afternoon Guat time after departing Detroit 6:55 am their time with only one hour difference. Here we spent an extra day reinstating our cell phone and internet services along with some relaxing time included. We departed Las Torres at 9:00 am for our 5 hour bus ride via Linea Dorada departure time being 10:00 am.

On arrival to the Rio Dulce we were met by our favourite driver Aden from Ram Marina. Aden does a most appreciative job of tending to Tundra during our absence. He took us to check in at our hotel Posada del Rio and drop off our overnight bags. We then proceed to Tundra to drop off our 250 lbs. of remaining luggage. Thanks to the young muscles of Aden all gets aboard successfully.

The next day we will move aboard. Aden informs us our House Batteries are not in the best of shape as they are not holding a charge very well. We are not surprised as we purchased the batteries about 5 years ago in Panama and realized they were not performing as well as we liked.

The raining season was still hanging on in the Rio but with our new cover the weather did not slow down our preparations for launch.

A ferro cement boat purchased by some young
          people from Europe has problems

A young group of people from Spain and Norway purchased this ferro cement boat on the left for a good price and this is what they discovered just before they were to paint it.

          closer look at the problem on the ferro cement boat

A closer look at the problem is seen to the right.

Brian shows off
        the new head floorboard made by Carlos the Carpenter

Carlos the Carpenter proudly
        shows us his carving of an CaimanOur head floorboard had seen it's days so we had Carlos the Carpenter make us up a new one made of Laurel Wood from the Bay Tree.It is seen above

Carlos in his small shop that  hangs on the edge of the bridge shows us his carving of a Caiman. It took him 2 weeks to finish the carving.

Front left wheel of the
          Lift was supported by planks and additional gravel and rocks

Front wheel of Lift is supported by planks and much recently added rocks and gravel.

Tundra is finally freed from the mud and on
          her way to the water

Tundra breaks free of the mud and heads for the water.

We did however have to beef up the water logged ground in order to launch. After a 2 day stay at Ram's dock we started off to Marios Marina for a few days.

What a sea water pump impeller looks like after 12 years
          of wearOn our way the engine overheated and we were taking on water. Fellow cruises rescued us and towed us the rest of the way to Marios. I was expecting an impeller replacement as I have been procrastinating it for about 12 years. As you can see on the left I was right about the replacement.

The taking on of water was discovered to be a fractured lid on our Volvo sea water strainer. Beware of the black plastic water strainers put out by Volvo. They are bound to fail as we learned from others that have had the same experience.

On testing our anchor windlass we discovered that it was not functioning so suspecting our 5 year old windlass battery was  shot we installed a new one. Still no luck!! Testing with my multimeter I diagnosed a faulty breaker switch. A part that had to be ordered from the states so here we sit Feb 11th waiting for this part. Hopefully in about a week we can head for Belize.

Rather than wait at the boat for the next week we made a trip Tikal a Mayan ruin about a 3-4 hour bus ride from the Rio to Flores Guatemala. The bus dropped us off in Flores a small community squeezed onto a small island in a lake situated about an hour bus to the ruins at Tikal

Kathy at the entrance to Flores Guatemala located near
            TikalWe arrived at Flores on Valentine's day Feb 14th in the dark, in the early evening, but, fortunately our hotel the Santana was an easy walk away.

Our room was situated with a balcony on the second floor overlooking the lake. What a view and buy a stroke of luck we arrived on a full moon. Our room allowed us spectacular moon and sunsets as seen by the photos below. Next day Saturday we relaxed in the pretty town of Flores utilizing it's many restaurants and shopping opportunities. 

The full moon sets over
        the town of Flores as viewed from our balcony

We are treated to a beautiful sunset that same evening as we watched from our room at the Hotel Suntana.

Sun sets over the lake as we viewed
        it from Hotei Santana

A full moon sets on Valentine's day as we view it from our second floor balcony.

The next day Sunday,having organized the day by Bill who had a  a tour agency and real estate office in town we headed off to Tikal. Arriving in about an hour we joined up with our guide Manuel and four others who took the same tour. Manuel a native lived with in a 15 minute bus ride from the ruins and was very well versed in it's history. Enjoy just a few of our photos of the Tikal Mayan Ruins that existed in an era at this location inTikal from 200 BC to 800 AC.

A map of the Tikal Mayan Ruins in
        a Guatemala National Park

Above a Map of the Mayan Ruins in Tikal a national park in Guatemala

  This is the first monument we climbed
      called Complex P at Tikal

A so called wild turkey named an "Ocellated Turkey" crosses our path. Several were observed during our tour that led by our guide took us into the jungle off the beaten path. He also took us counterclockwise through the park so as to avoid the tours going in the opposite direction. Smart move!

We can across a few of
        these so called quite tame Wilde Turkeys

Above is the first monument we climbed "Complex P" located on the east side of the Park and it had five smooth stele and alters in front.We enjoyed a magnificent view of the park and jungle from the top.In the photo above you can see complex P and as well see some of the five Stele and Alters Standing in front is our guide Manuel and some of our group.

Our guide Manuel explains
          this ancient Steles

Looking up at the
        giant Ceiba Tree which is the national tree of Guatemala

To the right we are looking up at a giant Ceiba tree. This tree is the national tree of Guatemala and it is said that the tree was the stairway to their Gods because of it's great height.

Our Guide Manuel above explains this ancient Mayan Stele that was carved prior to 800 AC.

Another view of the grandeous Ceiba Tree the Guatemalla
          National Tree

It  wasn't possible to get the whole tree in one so to the left is the rest of the same Ceiba Tree.

A Giant Tarantula Spider
        appears on our walk to the next monument

A giant Black Tarantula Spider shows itself on the side of a tree.

We relax
        after a long climb to near the top on Temple Four the highest
        Monument in Tikal

Here on the left after a long climb we sit near the top of Temple IV the highest temple in all of Mesoamerica.  because of it's location on a hill. It is also called the Two-headed Snake temple built in 740 AD and stands 64.6 m tall.

Behind Kathy is the view from our vantage point on Monument
        four in Tikal National Park

Behind Kathy is the magnificent view from Temple IV of the park and some of it's structures.

On we hiked to see the massive Temple I known as The Big Jaguar the largest temple at Tikal at About 47 meters

          view of the Jaguar and Complex from our climb on Temple II The

On the left is the view of the Jaguar Complex as seen from our climb up Temple II known as the MascaronesTemple Temple II is38 m high and was built in 700 Ad by "Mr Cocoa".

Kathy is dwarfed by Temple I
          The Grand Jaguar

On the right Kathy is dwarfed by the mass of Temple I also known as  "The Big Jaguar". It is 47 m high andwas built in 700 AD by the governor Jasaw Chan K'awil I (Mr Cocoa) whose tomb was discovered inside the temple.

The ruins of eight
          more temples in the jaguar Complex

On the left view the ruins of eight more temples in the Jaguar Temple I complex.

The Living Quarters
          of the Royalty in the Jaguar Complex

To the right Brian stands in front of the ruins of the residences of the royalty.

On our return from Tikal to Flores we were physically exhausted we so looked forward to another day of RR in this quaint island town

The next day, after a hike to the bus station to book tickets for our return to the Rio the next day we reserved a launcha for a tour of the lake and museum. On route we stopped at another park "TAYAZAL" for a visit and a climb to the view point. 200 stair steps later plus an uphill trail hike we reached the top and saw a beautiful panoramic view of the lake, as seen in the photo below right that shows Flores from our vantage point.

        was another national park at our first stop on our around the
        lake boat trip

A view of Flores from a
        view platform on the top at TAYAZAL

Our next stop was a
          museum on a small island off Flores

To the left we arrive at the museum in our launcha.

The museum owner Luis and Kathy hold whistle
          artifacts used by the Mayan Culture

Kathy and the museum proprietor Luis handle some ancient Mayan whistles used for signalling. We even blew his conch horn. Luis's father started the museum before Tikal became a National Park of Guatemala so most of his items were inherited. His father was good friends of a famous anthroplogist who gave him some of these priceless relics.

Kathy has a rare opportunity to hold a dish used
          by the Mayans in the year 200BC

Kathy holds a plate dating back to 200 BC.

A rare Mayan skull showing their level of
          Dentistry that they evolved to during their period

On the right is the skull of a Mayan royalty that is in remarkably good condition. It demonstrated that the Mayans had dentists in their midst. On the teeth you can see inlays that must have been difficult to do with the dental nstruments used to do the job that you can see lying around the skull.

The sign below depicts the seven Mayan Gods that they worshiped sitting in their canoe

A sign in the museum
          depicting the seven Mayan Gods

The carver artist holding his carving of the five Mayan
        Gods that took him days to complete

Just before leaving Flores we could not resist purchasing this wood carving of rosewood done by the artist holding his work. The carving is very intricate and took several days to complete.

A great time was had as you can see in the above photos and we have now returned to the Rio Feb 19 and our part is to arrive today. If all goes well we leave Marios Friday 21st. On return and installing the switch still no success. The only problem was my aging multimeter was giving me false readings. So back to the drawing board and we discovered frozen brushes to be the problem so in goes another order and wait. In the meantime Kathy comes down with a bug that is taking forever to leave. But today Feb 24 she is on the mend. Kathy recovers nicely but got what we suspect a nasty spider bite that required medical attention. View below her bite on her finger that had already partially healed after a treatment at the Doctor's office,

Violin Spider Bite as it looked
          early on

Kathy's spider bite on the left as seen early on in its development.  Docor's treatment involved periodic excavations, and antibiotics. The nitro glycerin patches applied directly to the lesion proved most successful as it promoted vaso dilation that counteracted with the vaso constrictor in the Spider's venom.

Below the bite is into it's healing phase.

Kathys Violin Spider Bite Part way
          through treatment

A spider believed to be a Violin
        rests on Tundras Hull

To the left we spot what we believe to be a Violin Spider resting on Tundra's Hull

The suspect spider was what is called a Violin Spider which is a relative of the Brown Spider and is present in North America. Both spiders are very venomous.

The brushes should arrive Monday March 3 and if all goes well we will depart next week.

The brushes arrived as scheduled and are installed and all appears well. We are leaving the dock Friday March 7 2014 and hope to cross the bar Sunday March 8.

During our prolonged stay here at Mario's we often took morning walks into the small native village called Esmeralda. Esmeralda is only a short 1/4 mile walk through a jungle trail. Because of a pipeline a service road was built through the village. The town then became more accessible and is slowly becoming more modernized . Below a few photos show this.

Hot Lips
        a flower we often came across in the Jungle

        road through Esmeralda built by the Pipeline CompanyOn the left is Hot Lips a Flower We often encounter in the jungle.

Below on the right is the pipeline access road to Esmeralda.

A Canna Lily blooming
        at Marios Marina

A Cantalily blooms at Mario's Marina

A different view of our
        hiking trail

To the right another view of hiking the pipeline road.

March 8 2014

We successfully crossed the Bar early afternoon and headed for Tres Punta for an overnight at stay Estero Laglarto before heading north to Belize. Next day we beat our way to New Haven for the night before heading on to Placentia for our check in to Belize. Here on arrival I fixed our broken SSB antennae in the afternoon and the next day it was an early morning departure to No Name Harbour for the night. Next day it was a short ten mile hop to Placentia.


March 11 2014 we arrive in Placentia and next day do our check in. With a series of fronts moving through the area we decided to navigate into Placentia Lagoon for the first time. We were advised that 6 ft. draft is the maximum that one should try in entering the lagoon. We draw six ft. and a little bit so a nervous entry was made.


March 15 2014

We anchored in 9.8 ft. in Placentia lagoon awaiting a predicted strong front that was to pass through our area. Here we awaited the weather, then move back into the harbour March 18th.


March 19 2014

            prepares the food on the dock to be served in their
            restaurant for dinnerOff to the Pelican Cays where the anchoring is in deep water (61 ft.) Here we managed to get one of three mooring balls so sat comfortably in this well protected harbour. For neighbours we had Back Stage Pass with Bill and Mary aboard. We called on Ch. 74 and made a reservation for dinner for the four of us on Hideaway Cay. Dustin, Kim and Ama proved to be great Host and Hostesses.

At left Dustin prepares for our dinner.

After a couple of days Bill and Mary returned to Placentia and we decided to explore Spruce Cay that came with great recommendations.


March 22 2014

We anchored at Spruce Cay in 13 ft. and sitting in 25. Spruce Cay lived up to it’s expectations. March 25th saw us back in Placentia to hide from the weather.


March 30th saw us again departing the Lagoon with the catamaran “Iguana Dance” that had Eli and Marla aboard. We were both heading for North Long Coco Cay. In North Long Coco we view a spectacular sunset and an old Barracuda keeps us company as well.

 Tundra in the sunset at North Long Coco Cay Belize

An Old Barracuda cruises around
        Tundra in North Long Coco

April 2 2014
saw us off to Sapodilla lagoon to again hide from the weather.  Here we explored the   fresh water river that is located in the far south end of the Lagoon. A fresh water swim and laundry proved to be one of the biggest hit during our stay. Here we also reconnected with John and Lucy aboard Stone Angel. Ashore we took in the visiting Vegie Man and that evening were invited ashore for a potluck to celebrate with local residents of Sanctuary Village a birthday party.

A rainbow shows for us in the
            Sapodilla Lagoon


April 6th saw us again in Placentia. From here we checked out and travelled with  Iguana Dance via New Haven and onto the delightful North Mono Cay for an over night stay then on to Guatemala the next day.

 Iguana Dance anchored off North Mono in

 Iguana Dance on the right is anchored off North Mono Cay in Southern Belize

April 15 2014

Arriving in Livingston we did our checkin with Raul at his Office called Servamar that is shown below. here we do Customs and Immigration in and out of Guatemala.

Brian poses in front of
        Rauls office SERVAMAR in Livingston Guat

At Burnt Cay (formerly Texan Bay), we spent a few days relaxing as well as preparing Tundra for haul out at Ram Marine. Here we made a visit to Jennifer's in Gringo Bay that is adjacent to Burnt Cay. Jennifer stores and looks after boats on her moorings.

A native girl makes a sale in Burnt Cay

A native girl makes a visit.

A view of Jennifers Front Porch
        located in Gringo Bay


                                                                                                            Above is Jennifer's front porch.

After a week stay in Burnt Cay we hauled at Ram Marina.

Before departing we stayed overnight in the town Rio Dulce. By chance the town was celebrating a rodeo and the party was on. The streets were inundated and much fun was had by all.

A Bull Fight was under way when
        we spent a night in Fronterra

A Bull Fight is underway as viewed from our hotel restaurant.

A local farmer sells his wares in
        downtown Rio Dulce

A farmer pedals his mangoes in down town Rio Dulce

Next day we departed by bus to Antigua to  visit our new found friends Bill and Mary from SV BACK STAGE PAST.

Brian and
            friends from SV TUCAN await the bus in Rio Dulce enroute to

We await the bus to arrive in order to deliver us to Antigua.

We arrived in Antigua Guatemala April 28 to stay with friends Bill and Mary before heading north May 1.

The house where we stayed in
            Antigua with Bill and Mary


 A view of the lovely house that Bill and Mary rent in Antigua. What wonderful Hosts they were.

 Brian and Kathy pose in front
            of Bill and Marys place

We pose in front of the house that was surrounded by beautiful gardens tended to by Bill and Mary

Below is a sample of two of the different tropical flowers we viewed there. They were unknown to us so it was a new discovery.

On of the many blooming tropical flowers in Bill and Marys

        close up of a beauty in Bill and Marys Tropical Garden

The typical street scene as shown here in
            Antigua Guatemala

Above a view the average typical street as seen in the City of Antigua Guatemala. Do not think that this represents Antigua in it's fullest as the scenery around the City is spectacular with it's three surrounding volcanoes.

On May 1 2014 we departed for Canada for the summer. Please go to PAGE RECENT EVENTS to follow us there.

                    YEAR 2015 ARRIVAL TO THE RIO DULCE

Below Tundra Sits in the yard at Ram Marine patiently awaiting the arrival of its Crew from the North

Tundra on the Hard on Jan 2015 at
            Ram Marina in the Rio Dulce Guatemala

Feb 2 2015 we departed for the airport in the middle of the night in one of the worst blizzards we have ever seen. After much shoveling of snow we left 2 hours early  for the airport. After a slow trip we arrived on time but our plane departure was one hour late so we missed our flight connection to Guatemala City in Ft Lauderdale Florida.

Here we had to wait  an extra day since it was the next flight to Guatemala. At least it was warm and sunny so it gave us a chance to unwind and view the geriatrics on the beach which was a short hike away from our hotel.

A view of the Intercoastal Waterway
        from a bridge that we crossed on our walk to the beach

Kathy poses at one of the countless entrances
        to the beaches of Fort Lauderdale

Above  is a view to the north of the Intercoastal Waterway from a bridge that we crossed under 16 years ago. Above as well  Kathy stands at one of the many entrances to the beaches of Fort Lauderdale that were  about a mile walk from our hotel.

Feb 4 2015 we flew to Guat. city with no hitches. After an overnite stay we bused as usual to the Rio Dulce departing on a new schedule that was one hour later ( 11:00 am ) than in the past. An overnite stay in town then we moved onto the boat. Several walks were made to town over the bridge for supplies. Below is a view looking east at three marinas located on the south side looking east. Mar Marine in the foreground,Ram marine in the middle and Nana Juana to the left. Nana Juana is presently the fastest developing Marina.

Three of the Riio Dulce Marinas as viewed looking NE from
        the bridge

Below the launching of Tundra Feb 2015

        nearly ready for launch at Ram Marine Feb 2015

The slings are placed under Tundra just before being

Wednesday Feb 18 2015 we launched and stayed on the dock at Ram Marina till we moved to Catamaran Marina Feb 20th.

The popular web page for the Rio Dulce is the Rio Dulce Chisme-Vindicator and can be reached at  http://www.riodulcechisme.com

Our friends on Iguana Dance leave the
          dock at Ram heading to Belize

Iguana Dance leaves the dock at Ram Marine after a major refit. She is heading for Belize.

Catamaran's web site can be viewed at http://www.catamaranisland.com If you click on  this link be sure to click on the video as you will see a bird's eye view of Catamaran Island as photographed by a drone.

We will stay at Catamaran for a few weeks as we continue with boat work and play. :-)

Some photos below give you a vision  of our stay at CATAMARAN MARINA in the Rio Dulce

Here Tundra sits at her birth in 2015 at Catamaran Marrina
        and Hotel

A daytime view of
        Tundras backyard in the daytime at Catamaran Marina with Monkey
        Mt in the distance

Tundra sits at her dock at Catamaran Marina in the Rio Dulce. Not a bad backyard as shown below in a daytime view.

       The morning sun rises below behind Monkey Mountain with our flower garden shown on the dock.

With the dock and
          our garden in in the forground the sun is rising behind Monkey

The sun peeks over Monkey Mountain as the day
          begins in the Rio

They say if you can view Monkey Mountain it is going to rain. If you can't it's raining.

A view below of the bridge that crosses the Rio Dulce River as seen from  Catamaran Marina.

A view of the bridge crossing the Rio Dulce as seen
        from Catamaran Marina

The pool at Catamaran
        Marina in the Rio

                                                                                                                             Above right is the swimming pool at Catamaran.

One of the two parrots that entertain us on a regular basis on our way to the Tennis Court.

One of the two parrots that entertain us on our way
        to the Tennis Court

The Tennis Court at Catamaran which was at one time a
        Helicopter Pad

I stand in the Tennis Court. Apparently it was a former Helicopter  Pad.

         Below Kathy does Thai Chi at the Tennis Court

Kathy does
      Thai Chi in the Tennis Court

Tundra/s back yard as viewed from her dock at Catamaran.

A view of Tundras back Yard as she sits at her dock
        at Catamaran Marina

March 15th 2015 we had a delightful two and a half hour cruise down the Rio Dulce River with our new found Guatemala friends "Doris and Paul" on their pristine 33 ft Sea Ray called appropriately "THE COFFEE BREAK". Paul has a coffee bean plantation in Guatemala near the Mexican border. He tells me coffee beans do their best at 2000 to 4500 foot elevation. His beans are of exceptional quality and are sold all over the world. One of his main customers is Starbucks. Below Kathy and Dori enjoy the ride.

Kathy and Dori enjoy the sunday
        afternoon ride down the Rio on the power boat THE COFFEE BEAN

We soon after departed from our Catamaran dock for a short cruise to Burnt Cay for a brief stay and to start preparation for our haul out at at Ram Marine. here we had some fun playing water volleyball at a down river Back Packers Lodge called The Round House.

A rousing game of water polo in progress with friends
        from the Rio

        dinghy cruise down a canal at Burnt Cay in the Rio

                                                                    Above right a view of one of the dinghy canals around Burnt Cay

Visiting friend Tim and Sara at their
        new home that they built near Burnt Cay

        sits at the dock at Ram Marine just before haul out

Tundra at the dock at Ram Marine awaiting haul out

After haul out we headed to Antigua located near Guatemala City for a few days before flying north. We had lunch at one of the restaurants that was located high in a mountain over looking Antigua. In spite of the misty weather the view was spectacular !

The patio of a restaurant that was
            on a mountain overlooking Antigua

Roof top view of Antigua from the patio of our hotel

A roof top view of Antigua as seen from our hotel

Below is pictured one of the many colourful aisles of the Antigua Market

One of the ailse at the market in Antigua Guatemala

April 15 2015 we taxied from Antigua to the airport in Guatemala City to fly home via Detroit.

                                                                                YEAR  2016

After a delayed departure from Canada due to family matters we arrived back to the Rio Dulce the latter part of March. here we quickly prepared Tundra for launch and were in the water within a couple of days. Ram Marine were very obliging and offered to launch and re haul Tundra for no charge We planned to be in the water for only 6 weeks. We stayed at the dock at ram for a couple of days then from here we moved over to Catamaran Marina and hotel where we spent rest of the time preparing Tundra for sale. As a result
because of our time limitations we had no planned cruise for this season. Below are a few photos of our stay at Catamaran  in the Rio Dulce Guatemala.

Tundra is launched with ram's new Paint Building shown in the background. Notice the extension  on top to accommodate a sailboat's mast  while still up. Something we haven't seen before. Also shown is a photo of a mast about to be erected by the boat hoist. I would think a separate mast hoist would simplify the process.

2016 Tundra launches at Ram with Paint Building in
        Background2016 A large mast being hoisted at Ram Marina

2015 Tundra at her dock at Catamaran where we stayed fot
        6 weeks2016 A tree in bloom on the
        Catamar Marina Grounds

    Tundra at dock at Catamaran Marina  and a tree blooming on the Catamaran Marina and Hotel in the spring of 2016

2016 Easter in the Rio Dulce

  2016 Easter is calabrated on the water in the Rio Dulce                                                             

                                              Easter is celebrated on the water as well in the Rio Dulce

                                      2016 Local workers travel by ferry to their jobs on the Rio

                           Above local workers are ferried in the early morning to their jobs on the river

                                    2016 On our way home we visited the Mercado Central Market in
      Guatemala City

              On our way home Kathy and I visited the largest market (Mercado Central) in Guatemala City


                                                                                                             YEAR  2017

March 1 2017 marked the date of our departure to the RIO DULCE for our yearly cruise aboard TUNDRA. This year was different for us as we had made the final decision to sell Tundra. As a result as last year due to circumstances we would not have enough time for any real cruising other than in the river itself. We returned to Catamaran Marina Hotel and Marina to mainly relax and give time for Kathy's shingles symptoms to abate. Relaxing we did but also many maintenance and beautification projects were also tackled in order to prepare for the pending sale of Tundra. This final chapter in our time aboard Tundra will mainly show photos with brief descriptions of the events that led up to her final sale.

                        2017 Guat City Brian stands in front of a statue of a horse  2017 Guat City kathy poses withn the University Campus in the

I stand in front of a statue located in Zone 10 Guatemala City and Kathy poses on the beautiful university grounds only a close walk away from our hotel.

                                                    2017 Guat City on University Campus a peacefull meditation

Above is  secluded area around a babbling brook for university students to go for relaxation and to meditate.

             On arrival to Tundra hauled out at Ram marine in the Rio Dulce we immediately moved aboard and prepared her to launch within the next few days.

                                                  2017 Rio Dulce Ram M Tundra on the hard before launch

                                                                         Tundra sits on the hard just before being launched

                                                   2017 Rio Dulce Kathy & New Captain of Livsey Lee pose

            Kathy poses above with the new owner of LIVE SEA LEE. Soon after this photo we were attached by Killer Bees which is another story!

                                                     2017 Rio Dulce Ram Marina Tundra Docked after Launch

Shortly after Tundra was launched here she sits at the Ram dock. We soon moved her over to Catamaran hotel and Marina to beautify her for her sale.

2017 Rio Dulce Tundra docked at Catamaran 2017 Rio Dulce Tundra shows her stern at the dock at

As we had some prospective buyers Kathy and I immediately went to work to make Tundra as pristine as possible. This included mainly  polishing, painting and cleaning.

2017 Rio Cat Marvin cleans the Mast of Tundra incl the bird
      est    2017 Rio Cat Tundras Port Cockpit Lazarret gets painted

                                            2017 Rio Cat Tundras Stern Lazarrett gets painted


    Marvin helped us with cleaning the mast that included removing a bird nest that was built by persistent Kiskadees. We also did some painting and reorganizing in our cockpit lazarets.    
   During  the month of April with our stay at Catamaran all our time here was not spent just working on the boat. We also spent many enjoyable hours socializing with our Yachting
and Guatemala Friends.

                                      2017 Rio Guat Friends at Catamaran 

     Above we are having lunch around the pool at Catamaran enjoying our Guatemala Friends. On the left is  Paul and his wife Doris . They are owners of a coffee plantation that is a major supplier for Starbucks. He flies to his plantation in his helicopter and to their boat in the Rio in his faster airplane. Jack and Boly have a boat moored beside Tundra. he has a cattle ranch nearby and stays on his boat when visiting the ranch. Great people! You might recognize the people behind.

2017 Rio Catamaran with Kevin    2017 Rio Catamaran ladies sell their wares

Above left are Chico the dock master, Kevin the owner and myself.  Above right are the colourful local ladies that visit Catamaran when cruise ship people visit for lunch. Very friendly ladies indeed!

                                                    2017 Rio Catam our Pet Geese

                                Above our pet geese come for their daily visit and HONK! They constantly are on tour of the area

2017 Rio Dulce A Chichen enjoys the Maim Street 2017 Rio Dulce ladies sell mangroves on Main Street

                                    Above in town we see a local chicken sampling the wares and also mangoes on sale by local farmers.

                                                            2017 Rio Dulce The busy Main Street

                                                                Above Busy down town main street Rio Dulce formerly named Fronterra

 Excitement was starting to build as we had a hot prospect for the sale of Tundra with a possible offer to by pending. An offer to purchase soon followed and after our careful consideration we accepted the deal. The pressure was on and we intensified our efforts to make sure Tundra was in  the pristine condition that the potential buyer was looking for in an Alberg 37. We knew Tundra would fit the bill!

Arrangements were quickly made by Chris our broker with the buyer as he was planning a visit to the Rio for his inspection and survey of the boat. This he wanted while we were still in Guatemala. Since we were booked to return to Canada by the end of April things began to move fast.

April 15 2017  arrived with the advent of Easter which is an occasion for the Guatemalan's to holiday and have fun.

    2017 Rio Dulce Local Easter parade on the River          2017 Rio Dulce Catamaran Local Easter Visitors

                The river Easter Parade is shown above as it passes Tundra's stern and makes a stop at the main dock at Catamaran Marina

                                                    2017 Rio Catamaran Easter fisherman at sunset

                                                        A visiting Easter Guatemalan tourist fishes off the dock in the sunset.

April  21st   our potential buyer arrived from Wisconsin along with his son. They were to depart April 27th. We were booked to depart for Canada April  26th and would like to leave the Rio a day or so before. Not a lot of time to make a sale.

                                                    2017 Rio Dulce Tundra on her last sail before sold

                                    Tundra on her last sail with us as owners for the last time proving her worth to our prospective buyer.

The remaining days before our planned departure passed quickly as Tundra underwent a thorough inspection with all possible surveys that were done in a matter of a couple of days. Thanks to Chris and his efficient organizing things went remarkably smoothly with surveyor's getting their inspections done all in one day including a haul out and launch . Tundra passed them all with flying colours and a final deal was signed for Tundra's sale and Kathy and I were able to depart the Rio  as scheduled on the 24th of April a couple of days ahead of our flight home from Guatemala City. This gave us a day to relax and enjoy the City.

                                                        2017 Rio Dulce Daniel Bradley Brian on dock Tundra

TUNDRA is sold! She is to be renamed "ODIN" by her new owner Bradly pictured above in the center  on the dock with his son Daniel on his right and to his left is Chris our broker and owner of SeaKist Yacht Sales. Chris handled the deal with great efficiency and honesty. Kathy and I recommend him to any one interested in selling or buying their dream vessel.

2017 Rio Dulce Catam Brians last toast aboard Tundra    2017 Rio Dulce Catam Kathys last time aboard Tundra

                                            Brian has his last toast aboard Tundra and Kathy dues her last farewell before we depart the Rio.

April 26th 2017
We arrived home and in a matter of a few weeks all the final paper work of the sale was completed and Tundra had a new owner. It was a sad but happy moment for the two of us but in our hearts we knew that we had mad the right decision. It was time to start a new chapter in our lives and move on to other things.

So ends the saga of "TUNDRA TRAVELS" I plan to keep this website open for anyone's interest but mainly as a personal diary for our reference of our adventures in the Caribbean on our beloved Alberg 37 Sloop "TUNDRA". In the future I plan to back track on our adventures to refine and add to my entries and hopefully make for more enjoyable reading. In the meantime I will keep and update our future happenings on the page "RECENT EVENTS"


Last Update Jan 5 2018